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Have you ever noticed that in almost every group pic of The Beatles, John and George stand next to each other? Anyway, here are some few pics I found of just the two.

John: "Oh, I'm so lucky! I get to stand next to a shirtless George!" (chuckles)

George: "Shut up John."

"Isn't this so boring Georgey?"

John: "Isn't this painfully boring George?"

George: "Yeah..."

"They love us! They love us!"

George: "'Ey, they really love us, don't they Johnny?"

John: "Straight up Georgie lad!"

George thinks: "Is that a pink monkey hangin from the rafters?"

George: "Is that a pink moneky hanging from the rafters?"

John: "Looks like it, doesn't it?"

"Pay close attention so I don't 'ave to tell you again!" - Paul to George n John

John: "Paul...stop preachin' to us!"

George: "I can't think with all your squaking Paul."

"Yeah, we're mates. Even if Johnny does bug the crap outta me at times."

John: "Yeah, we're close friends really. Wouldn't be the same without Georgie lad 'ere.

George: "Ta John. You're a fab mate."

"I can drink more then you Johnny!"

John: "I'm the faster drinker 'ere."

George: "Wanna bet Johnny?"

"Move over Georgey, it's me turn to sing!"

John: "Move over George! It's me turn to sing!

George: "I can't, me foot is caught up in the chords!"

"Woah! Me guitar is talkin' to me Johnny!"

George: "Woah! Me guitar is talkin' to me John."

John: "Then talk back."

"Eh Johnny, who many oooo's do we 'ave to do?"

George: "Darn it John, how many ooo's did you n Paulie put in the song?"

John: "Ask Paul."

If you have any picture of just John and George, please e-mail them to me! I'd love to add them to my site! Ta!

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"You're so cute George. Aren't you George?" "Shut up Johnny."

George: "Man...I really really need a ciggie..."

John: "Just a few more minutes George."

"Me legs hurt!" "Haha! I get to sit down!"

John: "See...you got your ciggie.

George: "Yep. Straight up."

"Is that us in the paper Georgey?"

George: "'Ey Johnny, lookie! That's us!"

John: "Is it?"

"Rock on Georgey!"

John: "Rock on Georgie!"


George and John always shared a hotel room when on tour.
George taught John how to string and tune a guitar.
They both really liked cats.
Both had first wives that were blonde and seconds wives with dark hair.